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Harken Elizabeth Benoit

Harken Elizabeth Benoit entered this world as a healthy 9lb. 4oz baby. She was beautiful, sweet, and everything we imagined a baby girl to be. What a joy it’s been to watch her grow into herself - so smart and kind-hearted. She quickly aquired the nickname “Bear” as she growled for love and attention.

And if you know her, you know she will make you smile immediately – her huge smile practically envelops you. A friend says she’s the human version of a bubble-maker – constantly giggling and grinning. She is the essence of a “happy baby.” Whether we’re in line at the grocery store, on the playground, or visiting Leyland, her 3 ½ year-old brother, at school, her huge smile is infectious. And she’s a family girl – she loves nothing more than watching and learning from her big brother and her cousin Ella. There is always a combination of total determination and elation on her face as she plays with them. Endlessly squealing and laughing, nothing seems to bring this girl down. She’s going to be a strong fighter!

We feel so blessed to have Harken to share with the world. When you meet her she will flash her beautiful smile, wave “hi” and win your heart. To us she is just perfect.