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Brett and Brooke met on a fall afternoon 16 years ago as students at the University of Montana. They knew right away they had something special and lasting, and not just in their shared love of hiking and music. Both originated from the East Coast--Brett from Norwell, Massachusetts and Brooke from Phoenix, Maryland--but they both called Missoula their home for many years. Eventually, the desire to be nearer to their close-knit families drew them back east to Massachusetts.

They soon bought a little beach cottage in Marshfield and rooted themselves in the South Shore, Brooke teaching elementary school in Hingham, and Brett putting in long hours in sales and outdoor design. They married in 2008 and were overjoyed when their son Leyland was born in May of 2010. Soon their Rexhame home would prove a little too cozy with the expected arrival of a new addition to the family. Settling in Brett’s hometown of Norwell, they were elated to welcome their daughter Harken into the world in February of 2013. Happiness fills their hearts to be able to raise a beautiful family and to be close to the friends and immediate family that they love and cherish.