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Christopher’s Inaugural Pumpkin Smash 2015

Mr.Christopher’s Pumpkin Smash
Please participate in the inaugural Mr.Christopher’s Pumpkin Smash, to help “SMASH OUT” MPS!
It’s easy! All you have to do is:
1-buy a small sugar pumpkin
2-paint it purple
3-Friday, October 16th video tape you or a family member smashing your purple pumpkin!
4-Give a brief explanation of what you are doing and why.
5-ask everyone on you friend list to do the same to help raise awareness for MPS or to make a small donation in honor of Christopher, Harken and all the other children and families with MPS to the MPS society to Harken’s Helping Hands!
6-ask your friends to ask their friends.

Please help spread the message about this disease in a fun, in the spirit of the season kind of way!